BEXCS Hub Application Terms & Conditions

1. HUB APPLICANT desires to enter into the business of operating "BEXCS Logistics Solution” facility and wishes to obtain a Hub from BEXCS  FRANCHISE SOLUTIONS INC. as well as to receive the training and other assistance provided by BEXCS FRANCHISE SOLUTIONS INC. in connection therewith.

2. HUB APPLICANT understands and acknowledges the importance of BEXCS FRANCHISE SOLUTIONS INC. with high standards of quality and service and the necessity of operating the Hub business in conformity with BEXCS FRANCHISE SOLUTIONS INC. standards and specifications and warrants that he has the financial capacity and personnel needed to operate the Hub facility.

3. HUB APPLICANT will get the grant to operate a Super/Mini Hub in his/her selected area under the trademark “BEXCS, YOUR BUSINESS IS OUR BUSINESS” for a Hub agreement period of three (3) years, provided the HUB APPLICANT pays with this Hub Memorandum of Agreement a non-refundable administration fee of Two Hundred Thousand Pesos (P250,000.00), excluding government fees, upon execution of this memorandum of agreement.

4. The Hub Fee is Five Hundred Thousand Pesos (P500,000.00) which will be paid by the Hub Applicant to BEXCS Logistics Solutions, excluding government fees, upon execution of the Hub Agreement within 15 days from the payment of the administration fee or the date stated in the pre-operating schedule whichever comes first. The said fees shall be deemed fully earned and non-refundable.

5. Failure of the HUB APPLICANT to sign the Hub agreement and pay the Hub fee and turnkey cost within the scheduled payment dates from the execution of this Hub Memorandum of Agreement will forfeit the administration fee in favor of BEXCS FRANCHISE SOLUTIONS INC., and the location will be available for BEXCS FRANCHISE SOLUTIONS INC. to award to other interested parties.

6. By default, BEXCS FRANCHISE SOLUTIONS INC. shall assign the specific pre-set address of the hub as part of its strategic location unless HUB APPLICANT initially submits to the Franchise Team a “preferred location” to qualify.

7. BEXCS FRANCHISE SOLUTIONS INC. reserves the right to approve the submitted “preferred location”.

8. Non-acceptance by HUB APPLICANT of a location available for occupancy to the HUB APPLICANT and approved by BEXCS FRANCHISE SOLUTIONS INC. is considered a voluntary withdrawal of the HUB APPLICANT’S interest in a “BEXCS Logistics Solution Hub” and this agreement shall be considered canceled and the Administration fee forfeited in favor of the BEXCS FRANCHISE SOLUTIONS INC.